Thursday, April 15, 2010

My new boots!

Well I love to shop- it is no secret that any chance I get I will find an excuse to purchase some form of clothing. I will manage to convince Justin that I desperately need a new top or new jeans- even though I have 14 pairs (yes I counted them yesterday)......and I love shoes. You can never have too many pairs of shoes. However, the latest edition to my 'shoe collection' is a pair of boots. Now boots are not really a popular item up here on the Sunshine Coast, simply as it is just way too warm to wear them. There is probably a small window of opportunity of about a month where you could actually find a need for them up this way. But I have been wearing my new boots every day now for the past week, sometimes even two to three times a day! Have I got you all intrigued?
Well my new boots are my NormaTec MVP boots and I love them!! Ok so maybe they're not the most fashionable boots on the market and I don't think I will be wearing them out for dinner any time soon but they are the most amazing boots I have ever worn.

I had been looking for ways to improve my recovery time between sessions and the new training program that Justin has me on often requires me to back up high intensity sessions again and again. After a really hard session I come home, make a shake and jump into my boots for 30-45mins. It is amazing the difference they have made since I started using them. Yesterday I was able to pull off a really tough 20km treadmill session in the am and then back it up in the afternoon with another really tough run session on the road. I was expecting the second run to be a disaster but I felt amazing. It was almost as if the morning session hadn't happened at all.

Jo lawn had told me about the boots back when I was in Kona last year and I must admit it has taken me this long to actually do some research and manage to get myself a pair. But I am so glad I did. I am going to be turning 40 at the end of the year and I have had problems with my external iliac arteries in both of my legs and I truly believe these boots and what is known as 'pumping' has done my body the world of good. I am actually now also using them pre-sessions as a way of improving my warming up.

For me now it is all about recovery. Yes of course I still train hard....I love to train but I also need to be smart and find ways of improving the quality of each session. By improving my recovery I find I can give more at each individual session.
Happy training all around :)


  1. That means you still have many more years kicking butts .

  2. ridiculous!! Looks like they are working out for you though! :)

  3. Jaime- I may keep going until I am 50- ha, ha!!!
    Now I never said they were 'fashionable' boots or that I would be wearing them our to dinner any time soon..........but they are amazing when it comes to recovery between and after sessions. Honestly i am addicted to them :)

  4. Hi
    Can you tell me more about the 20km Tredmill session?