Thursday, April 30, 2009

Riding on top of the world

OK- so this is my first ever 'official' blog. Thanks to my good friend Amanda I am all set and have no excuses to keep you all up to date with the latest news and events taking place in my world.

My big news for today is that I have finally sealed a new bike deal with the official Ironman bike- Ceepo. I am so excited and cannot wait for my new frame to arrive. Both Justin and I will now be riding Ceepo and I will debut my new bike at the Hawaii 70.3 late next month. Ceepo will now join K-Swiss and Powerbar as my main sponsors.

Things have been going well so far this season. After starting the season with a win at IM Malaysia I turned my attention to a big block of training. Usually I have left Australia by now but this year Justin and I decided to stay until mid May- I am so glad we did as I had forgotten just how amazing the weather is here in Noosa during this time of the year. Today Justin and I set out for our usual thursday long ride- I have been really enjoying this ride as I leave Jusi to map out the course and it becomes a bit of an adventure for me. I must admit I think Justin purposely finds the hilliest ride possible - he loves to climb and so I have learnt to love it to. It was the most amazing day and even though I didn't feel so 'amazing' who cares when the weather and the scenery are to die for.

We started out nice and early and of course we beelined it straight for the hinterland. The first climb of the day was over Keel Mountain- now this is a short climb but man is it steep- I think it starts at 15% and peeks at 17%. It is a killer but you know once you get to the top you are well and truely warmed up. Next climb is Palmwoods- this is one of my favourites as it is a steady grade all the way and goes for about 6kms.

At the top we always stop at Montville- this is a beautiful little town and it almost feels like you are on top of the world when you are up there. We stopped for a compulsory fruit bun (just been baked) from the local bakery and then hit the road again headed for Mapleton.

I love this section to as you get the most amazing view of Mooloolaba, Marochydore and Coolum. We then descend down into Nambour and I always try and stick to Justin's wheel like glue. I swear he tries to drop me but the older I get the more fearless I get- go figure?? Once back down to sea level we ride back along the coast to Noosa. After six hours in the saddle and we finally hit home. It is always such a great feeling when you finish a long ride- you really feel like you have accomplished something and had a whole heap of fun doing it. We have been living right on the water in the heart of Noosa this summer so my favourite thing to do after every tough training session is to make a super cold protein shake and go and sit down on the pontoon with 'Grip'- he is the dog in the pic and just watch the world go by.


  1. Congratulations for your blog. Keep on writing.

  2. thanks so much Jaime- I endeavour to keep you updated with my latest news and goings-on once a week. Hopefully you will find the posts interesting and insightful but most of all- good fun:)

  3. Hello Belinda,

    Welcome to the CEEPO Family.
    ¡¡¡Best of luck!!!


  4. Cool blog! Look forward to reading more in the future! Safe training!

  5. Heya Angel- I am honoured to be part of this family- hopefully I can make the entire Ceepo family proud by riding my bike as fast as I can!
    See you at the races!!!!

  6. Thanks Dave- will have a new post up by the end of the weekend. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  7. Hy Belinda,
    hope u don't my I link your blog to my site. I usually follow all your news & this blog it's gonna ease my work ;)
    Keep going hard!

  8. no problem Uskar- my next blog will be cool. I just picked up my new Ceepo frame and I am going to attempt tp build it myself (with a little help from Justin- OK a lot of help). I will post pics along the way.

  9. Very good news, your change to CEEPO and your blog.
    Congratulations from Chile

  10. Belinda, you'll now have to do Busso and set a new Ironman Distance World Record! Be sure to bring Just with you :) Good Luck for the rest of the year....