Sunday, May 10, 2009

mission accomplished- well almost

OK well I have to admit it has taken a few days longer than first anticipated, but finally I have a (almost complete) brand new bike. Justin and I set about building it up midway through the week and apart from some missing Zipp Vuma Crono cranks, a set of Zipp 303 clinchers complete with Powertap, and bar tape, it is ready to rock the roads of Noosa. These missing bits should arrive on Monday, so baring any unforeseen incidents with customs, these 'bits' should be on my bike by Monday avo. That means I get to break the new machine in during the hardest ride of the week- yeah I know probably not such a smart idea, but I am so confident about this bike (and the bike builder) that it does not worry me.

First thing to do was to install the headset, attach the rear derailleur and the front and rear brake calipers (all running components are the new Shimano Dura-Ace). I would love to tell you all that I did these things- but I would be fibbing. Justin is a genius and a perfectionist and that is why he is doing most of the building and I am doing the 'getting of coffee and making of lunch'.
Usually when I get a new frame for the season I take it straight down to Bob at 'Coolum Cycles'. He has been my mechanic since I moved up here years ago and he always does a great job. But Jus and I decided this year that we wanted to do it on our own. We still made a trip down to Coolum Cycles to show Bob the new Ceepo frames that we are so proud of.
Next up was to attach my brand new Fi'zi:k Antares saddle to the seat post. I have not used this particular model from Fi'zi:k yet but it looks amazing.

Then Justin assembled my new Oval Concepts aerobars- they look soooo good- carbon everywhere- even the special aero stem top cap- love it.

Once that was complete Justin cut down the steerer tube to size and I (yes I) was able to thread the gear and brake cables and my new bike started to come to life. There had been no cursing, no screaming, no nagging and no criticizing- quite amazing really. Everything was coming together perfectly.
My tiny, little Ceepo was starting to look like a super-fast machine!
By the end of the three days of building 'Grip' was well and truly over it- I don't think he quite understood what all of the fuss was about and he took a stance- 'no more building until I get taken for a long walk'.
So as soon as my cranks arrive we have the bottom bracket to install, the cranks, drink cage, Powertap monitor and bar tape to go on and then mission accomplished. I will have the final pics up in the next day or so.


  1. Bike looks awesome!!! Good luck with it! Ceepo really looks like a great company-I like the 'by triathletes, for triathletes' stance they have. If I didn't just build up a Trek TTX I would definatly take a good look at Ceepo...maybe my next bike.... :) Happy riding!

  2. Thanks Dave- the best thing for me about my new Ceepo frame is that fact that it fits me perfectly. I am quite short and have even shorter legs so it was always very difficult for me to get down low enough at the front end-the head tube was always too long on most of my bikes so I would have to use an adjustable stem. My Ceepo is a size 45 and has a tiny head tube so this problem has been iliminated. I have room to play a bit with my position.

  3. I will 2nd Dave's comment. The Ceepo looks great! As well if I had not just built up my Felt B2 I would have considered a Ceepo. Next time for sure.
    Can't wait to see you ride it.
    When is your next race?
    What do you do with your older bikes?
    My Youngest daughter who is 9 is really getting into racing (like me). But she has been more successful than her dad, as She is still undefeated in the 6 races in her 3 years of racing.
    I don't push her, and she takes the initiative herself to train. The bike is definitely her strength. I'm not so sure I would know what to do with her for training so I just let her be, so she has fun (which is what I tell her to have). But she is very competitive, even with her two brothers. I think she gets satisfaction knowing she can beat her older brother who is 15.
    Any advice?

    Stay safe riding your new Bike.

  4. Hi there- thanks for the message- I am happy to now report that my zipp goodies have finally arrived and I will have the bike fully set up by this afternoon. It really is such a beautiful little machine. Wow- your daughter sounds like she has what it takes to go places with triathlon. You are doing the right thing in not pushing her. I was a physical education teacher for 12 years before I decided to turn fully professional and I believe that at the age of 9 children are still exploring and discovering what they like /don't like. I think the only thing to push at this stage is living a healthy and active lifestyle (which you do by participating in sport yourself). I think it is awesome that your daughter wants to do this on her own and that she is so competitive. Often that is how you really know if someone has what it takes- it is that little something extra burning inside- that fight to be the very best they can be. it looks like your daughter may have this. I think the best thing you can do now is to provide some direction- to make sure she is on the right track with her training and isn't overdoing it. If you do not feel confident in providing this direction then it may be a good idea to contact your local triathlon club. They usually have a junior development person who can be of some assistance in working out a training schedule that works not only for your daughter but also the whole family. Let me know how it all goes.

  5. Thanks for letting me chase you kangaroos today... I am one of your biggest fans and it was an honor!

  6. Your bike looks good to the eye and is so little, maybe I'm use to looking at my 61 inch frame LOL. Look forward to reading about all your training and upcoming race reports, best of luck for racing this year.

  7. Heya Bree- great seeing you out on the Queen K too- I would have had a chat but I was having a tough time trying to sit the boy's wheels. We will have to catch up soon. No wonder you are such a strong cyclist- there is nothing for free out on these rides.

  8. Hey glen- this bike is small even by my standards- it is only 45 cms and with a sloping top tube- it looks even smaller.
    i am in Kona at the moment training for the next couple of weeks- this place is paradise. i have taken some great pics and will do a post in the next day or so.