Saturday, May 23, 2009

My new Ironman Hawaii ride- Part I

OK- so on Thursday we decided to go on a bit of a biking adventure. I wanted to do something completely different to the usual. I wanted to go exploring. When I am here for the Ironman in October I am totally focused on the race and rarely do I venture off the actual race course. But this was my time to play and I wanted to see what the island of Kona had to offer- I can tell you now that I was not disappointed.
We decided to begin when Lava Java opened its doors- it was going to be a long day in the saddle so we wanted to make sure we were properly hydrated for a day in the sun-(make mine a triple shot please).
We then made our way out along the Queen K and basically followed the Ironman race course all the way to Hawi- we were happy to discover that the winds were not blowing on our way from Kawaihae to Hawi, in fact it was close to perfect conditions.
Before we knew it we had made it Hawi and this is where the fun would begin. I had to take this pic of 'Luke's Place'- seeing as Luke was with us- he has promised to shout us dinner here before we leave.

I have really only ridden along the Queen K and so I have no idea what type of riding is actually out there. Justin, on the other hand, has done plenty of riding and has discovered some amazing roads and has gone on some great adventures. Luke has also done loads of training on Kona and has ventured off the beaten track many times- he was aptly given the title of 'ride captain' for the day.
When we left Hawi we took a right turn up the Kohala Mountain Rd. Luke had warned me not to go too hard too early as it was a long way up to the summit- he was not kidding!!!
We just kept going up and up and up some more. But the view all the way up was worth all of the pain my legs were encountering and then some.
This was my first really long ride on my new bike- the Ceepo Venom. It felt great and I honestly could not have been happier with the way it was feeling or handling (except I was hoping it would climb just a little faster so that Luke and Justin were not able to drop me up Kohala Mt. Rd). But not to worry as it descended beautifully and I was back on their behinds before they even realised they had dropped me :)


  1. When I make it to Kona some day i'll be sure to go for a ride up that monster.

  2. Good luck tomorrow in the race. Kick ass and take names.

  3. Congrats Belinda!!!!! You are a real inspiration to me and when I started learning about ironman - I read about you and you inspired me to get in into shape (a work in progress) - drop 20 lbs and get into traithlon! That 70.3 was my first and seeing you in the lobby I was a bit starstruck but awed by your physique (I was the skinny young guy in the yellow Nike T-shirt). Congrats you are my hero!

  4. Thanks guys. Sammy- great to hear you have taken the initiative to go out there and get fit and congrats on your first 70.3- I hope you had a great day out there. You know I began as an age-group athlete and through a lot of hard work and persistance I was able to finally turn pro- now I couldn't think of doing anything else- I love my life as an athlete. Next time you see me at the races make sure you come and introduce yourself Ok.