Saturday, May 23, 2009

My new Ironman Hawaii ride- part II

We made our way up and over Kohala Mountain Rd. from Hawi- this is an awesome climb and peaks at 1086 metres! Now that would certainly sort out the little drafting problem we seem to be having at the World Champs these days :) The views from here have to be seen to be believed- truly amazing. I do not normally like to stop mid-ride- training is training right, but I just could not resist these views.
How fantastic is this! You could see for miles- the Queen K seemed to be so far away- I could not believe how far we had climbed. You could see actually see the Queen K snake all the way back to Kailua.
We descended down to Waimea and had our second and last stop for the day before heading back to Kailua. We took the Mamalahoa Highway all the way from Waimea back to Kailua. This highway was the original road used to access the north end of the island before they built the Queen K. It has been resurfaced and is a great alternative to the Queen K. It basically runs parallel to the Queen K but inland, however, it is a lot more undulating (translated= a whole lot tougher).
We took this road all the way back to the very top of Palani Road (now I mean the very top- not just the little hill we run up in the Ironman). How much fun was it descending down Palani!! A great way to finish an epic ride. Total ride was 183kms- just perfect!

Luke, Justin and myself then rode back to where we were staying and I made everyone the obligatory protein shake- extra thick and extra cold- then we just lay back and took in a good morning's work. Now I cannot wait to do it all over again -ahhhh life is good.

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